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How to enable Imagick (ImageMagick)?

How to enable Imagick (ImageMagick)?

To enable Imagick on your hosting account, go to your Site Tools > Site > File Manager.

Go to your public_html folder and create a new file and type php.ini in the Name field.

After that, add the following line inside:


and save the file.

Note that by default the change will be applied only to the current directory in which you created the php.ini file. In case you need to apply the change recursively for the whole site, you can edit the .htaccess file of the site using the File Manager tool and add the following line in it:

SetEnv PHPRC /home/customer/www/domain.com/public_html/php.ini

where “domain.com” should be replaced with the actual domain of your site.

NB: If your site is using the Ultrafast PHP setup and you wish to activate the module for an installation performed for a subdomain, make sure to create the php.ini file in the public_html directory of the main domain rather than in the public_html of the subdomain. With the Ultrafast PHP setup the PHP settings are applied for the whole account and all subdomains automatically inherit them from the main domain.

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