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Why do I have email delivery problems?

Why do I have email delivery problems?

There could be several reasons why you aren’t receiving emails, most commonly:

  • Incorrect email settings.
  • Incorrect domain MX records.
  • Exceeded email quota.
  • The message was marked as SPAM by your mail filter.

In most cases, the email will be returned back to its original sender with information on why it was not delivered. The following steps cover how to deal with the most common delivery problems:

  • Verify your email settings.

If a sender’s message was not returned back, but it also doesn’t show up in your email client, review your email client’s configuration. You can confirm the problem is isolated to the email client itself if the emails are available in Webmail. The correct settings for email accounts hosted with SiteGround are listed in Site Tools > Email > Accounts > go to the kebab menu > Mail Configuration.

  • Make sure your domain MX records are correct.

MX records are responsible for identifying which host handles the mail services for the particular domain name. Our MX Record Tutorial explains how to set up your MX records for email hosted with SiteGround.

  • Check your email quota.

SiteGround allows you to manage your email quota through Email > Accounts in Site Tools. If your mailbox is over the quota, you can check how to clean it up here.

  • Review your mail filter settings.

If you can’t receive messages from a particular email address you can whitelist it in your mail filter. You might be using Spam Protection in which case you can whitelist the sender’s email.

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