Do I have access to WHM?

WHM access is only available for customers using Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server accounts.

To access WHM, you can go to your User Area -> My Accounts -> WHM. The button should log you in automatically.

Alternatively, WHM is also accessible via which will take you to the login page.

If your domain is not yet pointed to your SiteGround account, you can access WHM via the server's hostname (e.g. if you are hosted on, you will be able to access WHM via The server's hostname can be found in the Information & Settings tab of the My Accounts section in your User Area.

Accessing WHM with your domain or the server hostname will require your WHM username and password. They are the same as your primary cPanel username and password on Cloud accounts and Dedicated Servers with SiteGround's Geeky features. On a Dedicated Server without Geeky Features, you can access WHM with the server's root user.

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