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When and how will I be paid as an affiliate?

When and how will I be paid as an affiliate?

When are commissions paid?

Your commissions will be paid on Wednesday of every week following the first 30-40 days after the sale. The registered web hosting plan with us must be currently active and paid up to date at the time of payout. There is no minimum balance limit to reach before you get paid unless you manually set a minimum payout amount from Affiliate > Payout Details > Payout Options.

For example, if you make a sale in the first week of January, you will receive your commission on the first Wednesday after 30 days from the sale’s date have passed, most probably on the second Wednesday of February. If you continue to make regular sales each week afterward, then expect to be paid every Wednesday after your first commission payment.

Please note, that the review period of a new sale will be extended to 90 days if the purchased account has a validity duration billing cycle of only 1 month. You can track your Payment History and pending payments from Affiliate > Payout Details > Payout History.

How are commissions paid?

Your affiliate commission will be paid via PayPal. You need to have an active PayPal account on file. This will guarantee that your commission is successfully processed. You need to specify a valid PayPal account when you sign up for our Affiliate Program. To do so, go to your Client Area > Affiliate tab > Payout Details menu and fill the required fields.

For affiliates who generate high commission volumes, we provide the option to use Wire as a payment method. Note that when using Wire, the default minimum threshold is 5000 EUR/USD/AUD/GBP (depending on your currency).

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