Cloudflare Challenge Page

Cloudflare gathers threat data from various sources to build a reputation for every visitor. You set the desired security level for your site and then Cloudflare stops any threats before they reach your site. Cloudflare's reputation-based security works as a first line of defense for your site.

When a visitor's IP reputation is higher than the threshold set by the basic security level, the visitor's access is blocked and they are presented with the so-called challenge page where they need to fill in a CAPTCHA form if they want to proceed.

If you don't want certain visitors/IPs to end up on that page, here's what you can do:

  • Lower the basic security level.
  • Use Threat Control and whitelist the visitor's IP.
  • Ask the visitor to continue to fill out the CAPTCHAs and their "threat score" will decay over time.