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How to change WordPress admin password?

How to change WordPress admin password?

How to Change Password from the WordPress Dashboard

  1. Log in to Your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Hover over your username and select Edit My Profile.
  3. Scroll down to the Account Management section and click Generate Password.
  4. WordPress auto-generates a new password, but you may modify it and use your preferred password.
  5. Click on Update Profile at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Resetting Password from the WordPress Login Screen

  1. Go to your WordPress Login screen.
  2. Click on Lost Your Password and enter your admin email.
  3. Check your email, click the confirmation link, and choose a new password.
  4. Click Reset Password to confirm the new password.

Updating Your Password Through Site Tools

Go to Site Tools > WordPress > Install & Manage > Manage Installations > click on the Actions menu next to the desired domain > Update Admin Password.

Update Admin Password From Site Tools

Choose the administrator username in Select User and enter the new password. To get a random strong password, use Generate. To preview the password, click Unhide.

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