CRELoaded FAQ (12 Articles)

How to upgrade CRELoaded?

Upgrading an application is a tricky task and you should always perform it with caution. The most important thing you need to know about application upgrades is that before attempting […]

How to install CRELoaded?

CRELoaded, which was renamed to Loaded Commerce, is a shopping cart application which supports many payment processors and shipping methods. Installing CRELoaded is not very hard. You can check our […]

How to configure CreLoaded to work with SSL?

In order Creloaded to work with SSL you have to edit the following text files: - public_html/yourstore/includes/configure.php - public_html/yourstore/admin/includes/configure.php In the above files you have to change the directive for […]

CreLoaded Payment Modules

You can have the following payment modules installed on your CRELoaded. a) PayPal payment module can be easily installed by logging into your Admin Area and proceeding to Modules -> […]