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Redsys Payment Gateway support

Redsys is a popular payment gateway. It has extensions for many e-commerce solutions like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, etc. Currently it does not support the Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority and SNI. […]

How to set OpenCart to use SMTP

By default, the PHP mail() function is used for sending emails from the OpenCart application. To configure it to work with SMTP, follow these steps: Step 1: First, you have […]

How to setup osCommerce to use SMTP

osCommerce could be setup to use the SMTP functionality inside its back-end, but there are some manual modifications needed in order to fully setup the SMTP functionality of this application. […]

How to clear the cache in Prestashop

When making changes in Prestashop they will often not appear right away due to old cached information. The solution is to clear the cache of the application. Prestashop version 1.4 […]

Reindex Magento Data via SSH

The fastest way to reindex Magento data is manually via SSH. To reindex the Magento data manually, you need to have an SSH access to your web hosting account. All […]

How to change OpenCart script folder?

If you want to move your existing OpenCart installation to another folder, you should edit the OpenCartInstallationFolder/ and the OpenCartInstallationFolder/admin/ folders. The following lines of the OpenCartInstallationFolder/configure.php file should be […]

How to debug Magento MySQL problems

Just as any modern PHP application Magento stores most of its information in the database (except media and xml configurations). Thus when debugging Magento problems it is useful to know […]