Coppermine FAQ (14 Articles)

Coppermine resources.

The official Coppermine website. The official Coppermine documentation. The official support forum of Coppermine. The official Coppermine extensions. SiteGround Coppermine tutorials. SiteGround free professional Coppermine templates. You need help with […]

Detailed Coppermine requirements.

The minimal Coppermine server requirements are listed below: PHP 4.1 above - MySQL 3.23.x or above - IIS / Apache 1.13.19 / Apache 2 or above - […]

What is Coppermine?

Coppermine photo gallery is an advanced and, in the same time, user friendly image management script, written in PHP. It supports multiple languages and has its own language library, which […]

How to upgrade Coppermine Photo Gallery?

If you want to upgrade Coppermine installed from Softaculous, just follow these steps: Go to cPanel --> Softaculous --> Image Galleries --> Coppermine. Find your current installation and click on […]