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How to change the vBulletin administrator password

In order to change the vBulletin forum administrator password you should load your vBulletin admin control panel and complete the steps listed below: 1. Open the Users -> Search for Users section. 2. Select Administrators from the Primary Usergroup drop-down menu. 3. Click on Find. 4. Click on every administrator's username and set the new […]

“fail” error when adding dashlets in SugarCRM

If you add chart dashlets to your SugarCRM home page, but they are empty and you get a pop up message saying "fail" or "failed", the problem is most probably caused by incorrect permissions of the files created by SugarCRM. To resolve the problem, open the SugarCRM configuration file config.php in your preferred text editor […]

How to reset my Gallery 3 administrative password

If you have forgotten your Gallery administrative password and want to recover it, you can use the "password recover mechanism" which is available under your Gallery’s login page. Please note that you must have access to the email address which you have provided as administrative during the installation process or which you have set later […]

How to set up separate outgoing email accounts in SugarCRM

With the latest version of SugarCRM you can allow your users to set their own Outgoing Email Settings and send emails via their own email account. For the purpose you need to login to your SugarCRM application with your administration account, click on the Admin link displayed in the top right to open the administrative […]

How to change the SMF index page title?

If you want to change your SMF application's index page title you will have to edit the following file: ~/SMF_installation_directory/Themes/default/languages/index.LANGUAGE.php where LANGUAGE is the current language which your application is using. You will have to find the following line: $txt[18] = $context['forum_name'] . ' - Index'; and change the value of the forum name variable […]

How to set an e-mail account for the EGroupware application?

In order to send/receive mails through EGroupware, the mail settings for the user should be updated from Home -> eMail -> Admin section -> Site configuration (located at the bottom left corner). The exact details which should be set for a mail profile are as follows: --Global section:     "Profile access rights setting" should be […]

How to change the administrator password in Omeka?

In order to change the password for your Omeka application you need to login to your cPanel -> phpMyAdmin and select your database. Once you open it you will see all the tables inside the database. Select the omeka_users table and find your admin user that should have value super under the role column of […]

How to fix a broken TinyMCE editor?

If you are experiencing issues modifying articles with your TinyMCE editor through a web browser (for example Internet Explorer 9) the easiest solution will be to download the newest version of TinyMCE from http://www.tinymce.com/download/download.php and replace your old TinyMCE. The Joomla users should extract the archive on the local computer, open the extracted directory and […]

How to enable private messages notifications for vBulletin users?

You can allow all vBulletin forum members to receive private messages by running a query under the vBulletin admin area -> Maintenance -> Execute SQL Query. Pick the Yes - Receive Private Messages option from the Automatic Query drop-down menu. Then run the query by clicking on the Continue button. If you want to enable […]

How to assign users to groups in MediaWiki?

If you want to grant extra permissions to some of your registered users in MediaWiki, you have to login with your admin user, click on the Special pages link at the left column and then follow the User rights management link. On the next page, enter the user name you want to modify in the […]

How to disable external cache in SugarCRM

In some cases the default SugarCRM application is configured to use external cache. Since on our shared hosting accounts we don't offer external caching services, the application is unable to connect to the daemon and that may result in error messages being displayed on your website. To fix these errors you can modify the config.php […]

OpenX invocation code fatal error

When trying to get an invocation code in OpenX you may get this error: Fatal error: Call to a member function log() on a non-object in /home/user/public_html/ads/lib/OA.php on line 207. When you are experiencing this issue, this means that the openX3rdPartyServers1.0.6 plugin is enabled. In this case, you should disable it to make sure that […]

How to enable/disable ‘Email this Page to a Friend’ in vBulletin?

The "Email this Page to a Friend" functionality can be enabled/disabled per user group. You can modify the option from your vBulletin admin panel > Usergroups > Usergroup Manager > Edit Usergroup > Can Use Email to Friend. Pick whether you want to enable or disable the feature for the chosen user group and save […]

How to enable POP3 Mail Server Protocol in SugarCRM

POP3 is disabled by default in SugarCRM in favor of IMAP. However, if you need to use POP3 in your SugarCRM, you can easily enable it by adding the following line to the config_override.php file located in your SugarCRM main folder: $sugar_config['allow_pop_inbound'] = true; This will allow you to choose POP3 as Mail Server Protocol […]

How to reset the vTiger administrative password

vTiger's admin username can be easily changed with a simple MySQL query. The most convenient way to manage the database is through the phpMyAdmin tool. Go to your cPanel and click on phpMyAdmin in the Databases box. (If you are not using cPanel or do not have phpMyAdmin, you can run the query directly for […]

How to get complex math formulas working in MediaWiki

This article explains how to overcome issues with Math formulas not properly displaying in MediaWiki with enabled Math Support. The problem is mainly caused by the fact that the default Math Support in MediaWiki does not include all desired formulas or mathematical signs. Particularly more complex ones. If you are getting an error that the […]

How to clear the cache in Dolphin

If you experience issues when you are making changes and/or modifications to your site you can try to clear the Dolphin cache. To clear all the cached files used by Dolphin please follow these steps: Log in to your site via FTP Delete all files within the /cache directory (except for the .htaccess file) Delete […]

How to disable PhpBB3 search functionality for guest users?

Often the phpBB3 search functionality is abused by different spam bots. They perform searches as guest users. This significantly increases the size of the search_wordmatch table. It contains pairs of data of which posts include which words from the search_wordlist table. Usually, when the table is large slow MySQL queries are generated. As a solution […]