Domain and DNS Issues (0 Articles)

How to add SRV record in cPanel

You can add SRV record from your cPanel by following the steps below: 1. Login to your SiteGround customer area 2. Click on My Accounts section 3. Select the option […]

What are .me domain names?

.me domain names are currently one of the most attractive and hottest domain names on the market.  .me is the country code top level domain for Montenegro. Initially, .me domains […]

What are .mobi domain names?

dotMobi is the first and only top level domain designed to help users find internet content that will work on their mobile phones. Browsing through mobile phones is getting more […]

What are .tel domain names?

The .tel top level domain allows you to create a virtual address book or a virtual business card, storing a variety of contact information online. Why is this so attractive? […]