How to set up a cloud server to autoscale?

We do not set our cloud servers to autoscale by default as our clients have various use cases and needs. It is up to the client whether or not to activate this functionality.

You can set your cloud server to autoscale from your User Area, under Manage Account and click on the Autoscale button. You will create an autoscaling event in three easy steps by setting the conditions, under which you want your account to automatically scale up and meet unexpected traffic or usage spikes. The event occurs upon reaching the threshold 75% of the available CPU or RAM.

1) Choose how many cores of CPU or GB of RAM should be added when autoscaling happens.

2) As the server will autoscale every time its resource usage reaches the threshold usage, we strongly recommend you to set a Monthly Cap. The monthly cap is the sum of your current resource units and the units that will be added when the autoscaling event happens. Thus you will ensure that the added resource units won’t go above the limit you set and your charges won’t grow unexpectedly.

3) Set the autoscaled event to autorenew or not. If you believe your resource usage will require you to keep the extra CPU or RAM units longer than one month, we advise you to set the Autorenewal option to ON.

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