Block spammers in WordPress through Project Honey Pot

Blogs are often abused by spammers. Besides the automatic bots and robots which are usually blocked through different techniques, there are many human spammers. Project Honey Pot provides an enormous database with IPs from which spam attacks have been performed.

You can integrate their script in your WordPress blog and block all access from suspicious and malicious IPs. Follow these steps in order to enable the protection for your blog:

1. Sign up at the Project Honey Pot web site.

2. Get your personal httpBL API key.

3. Download the corresponding plugin from the following URL:

4. Install the plugin by following the detailed instructions in our comprehensive tutorial about WordPress plugins installation.

5. Activate the plugin from the WordPress administrator panel. Navigate to Plugins->http:BL. Enter the httpBL API key and set the options to your preference.

6. Check the log at the end of the Plugins->http:BL page. The blocked IPs will be listed there.

Then you can check these IPs at There you will find more information why the IPs are listed as spam sources.

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