What are the differences between Let’s Encrypt and the other SSLs you offer?

In terms of secure encryption, they are equal. All are trusted by the major browsers. Also all display the green padlock in the address bar of your browser.

Still there are the following differences:

  • Let's Encrypt doesn't offer dynamic site seals which some visitors may find reassuring. The other SSLs at SiteGround (Wildcard and EV) do.
  • We provide dedicated IPs with EV SSL but not with Let's Encrypt and Wildcard SSL.
  • With Wildcard SSL you can use one certificate for your domain and all subdomains. With Let’s Encrypt you should install separate certificates for each.
  • EV SSLs have extra assurance for site visitors because they also display the company name in the address bar of your browser and company information in the certificate. EV certification requires a thorough background check of the company before issuance. For comparison Let's Encrypt certificates are domain-validated only (as are also the Wildcard SSLs at SiteGround).

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