How to enable Math support in my MediaWiki application?

If you want to show complex math formulas on your MediaWiki pages, you must first enable Math support for your application. After MediaWiki 1.8 the Math extension is not part of the MediaWiki core and you should download and install it manually.

The extension could be downloaded from here. On that page choose your MediaWiki version and download the installation package. After that upload it on the account via FTP or the File Manager tool in your cPanel. Make sure to place the file inside the extensions folder of your MediaWiki installation.

After you upload the file you should extract it. This can be done via SSH or you can use the cPanel -> File Manager.

Once the archive is extracted, you need to add the following line at the bottom of the LocalSettings.php file for your MediaWiki:

You can add this line via SSH, FTP or from cPanel -> File Manager.

Then you should run the MediaWiki update.php script. This can be done by either accessing the following URL in your browser:

or by accessing your account via SSH and using the following command:

In the above command replace /path/to/MediaWiki/ with the actual path for your application.

This will automatically complete the installation of the extension for you and after that you could start using the extension and show math formulas on your MediaWiki pages.

The extension supports several different ways to show the formulas on the pages and you can read here what is the difference between them and how to enable each view.

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