How to fight spam?

If you are receiving too much spam in your mailbox, please consider enabling Spam Assassin. You can do this from:

cPanel -> SpamAssassin -> Enable SpamAssassin

Spam Assassin is an automated mail filter that uses a wide range of heuristic algorithms on mail headers and message body text to identify "SPAM" (unsolicited email). This software is capable of eliminating more than 98% of all SPAM messages. Its performance depends on the individual configuration, which can be tuned by each website owner. Once identified, the mail is tagged as "SPAM" for later filtering using the user's desktop mail client.

For detailed instructions how to use SpamAssassin please check this link.

You could also add your own custom filters to improve the functionality of SpamAssassin. For more information on how to set custom filters, please refer to our tutorial.

All shared hosting plans also include another very powerful spam fighting tool called Spam Experts. It filters incoming messages by applying complex algorithms for determining what might be spam and what not. The tool allows various whitelist and blacklist rules to be set.

You can verify if Spam Experts is enabled for your incoming emails via cPanel -> MX Entry. There, make sure that the MX records of your domain are set to:

If the MX records of the domain are different, you can use cPanel -> MX Entry -> Revert Default to make all your incoming emails be filtered through Spam Experts.

You can read more on the settings of Spam Experts in our Spam Experts tutorial.

Setting up your email is easy when you have the right host by your side. If you need a reliable partner to help you resolve email issues and provide expert support, check out our email hosting services.