Joomla Weather Extensions

If you are looking for a good weather extension for your Joomla, you should consider our list of weather modules used by our customers. All those listed here are among the most popular Joomla weather plugins that run well on our shared servers and we offer support for them.


RokWeather is an Ajax weather module which uses Yahoo’s or Wunderground’s APIs to display international weather data. It has options to show temperature, climate, wind speed. Images are available to illustrate all types of weather (rain, snow, sunshine, etc.) User may type location and get information on local weather with available forecast for up to 4 days.

Weather GK4

Weather GK4 is a Joomla module that uses Yahoo! Weather services. It allows you to display weather information from any place with both images and text.

Z Weather

Z Weather, now renamed to Zap Weather is an application that shows weather for U.S. cities with data provided by the National Weather Service. It has multiples forecast options and multiple display options.

SP Weather

SP Weather is another module using Yahoo! Weather services. It offers two layouts for displaying data – block and list. Temperature can be viewed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit mode.