jHackGuard - Security Joomla Extension by SiteGround


jHackGuard is designed by SiteGround to protect Joomla websites from hacking attacks. Just add it to your Joomla and it will be safe against SQL Injections, Remote URL/File Inclusions, Remote Code Executions and XSS Based Attacks!

We have initially developed jHackGuard to protect our Joomla hosting users. It comes as part of any Joomla installations made through our system and it has been successfully used by thousands of SiteGround customers during the past few years. Seeing the value of this protection, we have decided to make the plugin publicly available to all Joomla users, no matter if they use our hosting services or not.

jHackGuard is a Joomla Security Plugin that protects you by filtering the data from the users' input and implements additional PHP security settings. At the same time the plugin is disabled for the authenticated administrators so that its filters don't prevent them doing administrative tasks.

Our security extension comes pre-configured with a set of rules that are suitable for the majority of the general Joomla websites. Still, if you'd like to tweak it, you can do through your Joomla administrator area. jHackGuard plugin also created its own log and you can debug any unexpected behavior.

jHackGuard proactively guards your Joomla against multiple threats!