The Best Groupware Software

Collaborative applications, also known as groupware software, are designed to ease and integrate the work on a project, contributed by several users that work on diferrent workstations. Groupware is really useful, but only if all stakeholders in the project are motivated to use it. That is why in order to implement it within your company, you would need to train people until they feel comfortable using it. To choose the best groupware for your projects, check the rankings we have prepared based on real software usage on SiteGround servers.

Feng Office is the most widely-used groupware at SiteGround!

Feng Office is not only groupware but integrates project management with client relationship management, billing and more. Thanks to its all-inclusive functionality it outranks the more traditional and specialized groupware solutions. Yet, you should be aware that Feng Office is not free and pricing depends on the volume of projects that you intend to manage with it.

DotProject is an open-source project management application developed by volunteers and no business enterprise behind them. Its developers have focused on providing a solution with clean and simple user interface, with a complete project management functionality, and free to use. It has all the features you might think of such as user management, projects and tasks listings, file repository, calendar and discussion forum, etc. SiteGround team uses dotProject for our internal projects. We like it because it allowed us to modify the software in way that has become convenient to our specific needs.

Collabtive is an open source groupware very popular on SiteGround servers. It allows you to manage unlimited projects and members. It has role-based permissions, messaging system, time-tracker and more. You can synchronize its calendars with iCal and export user profiles via vCard.

SiteGround provides hosting expertise and 24/7 support for Collabtive.