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We truly believe in giving back to the communities that have shaped our company and meeting our customers in person! This is why we sponsor many events around the world like WordCamps, Joomla Days, various design and hosting conferences and many more. Check the next event where you can meet us!

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WordCamp Toronto

WordCamp Toronto

So thrilled to announce we are coming to WordCamp Toronto this year! It would be our first Camp in Canada and we cannot wait to meet the WP community there. Excitement flows all the way as we are also a proud sponsor and will have a booth stacked with super awesome swag for everyone and quite the engaging game (with a very cool prize :))! And not only that, our very own Daniel Kanchev is speaking so be sure to go listen to what he has to say. Anton and Daniel will be waiting for you at the booth so go say Hi!

  • We'll be attending
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  • Proudly sponsoring
  • We'll have a booth

The SiteGrounders on The Event:

  • Anton Valchev
    Anton ValchevCustomer Service Supervisor
  • Daniel Kanchev
    Daniel KanchevSenior Web Apps Engineer & Performance Specialist @dvkanchev

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