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We truly believe in giving back to the communities that have shaped our company and meeting our customers in person! This is why we sponsor many events around the world like WordCamps, Joomla Days, various design and hosting conferences and many more. Check the next event where you can meet us!

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WordCamp Milano

WordCamp Milano

WordCamp Milano is back in 2019. On November 22-23, SiteGround is traveling to Milano (Bella, Italia!) to meet & catch up with our friends in (and around) Milano as it's been too long. Luca & Nikola will be waiting for you at our super stocked booth - for a chat, to discuss all things WP, and to provide you with some cool swag. Happy WordPress-ing and see you soon!

  • We'll be attending
  • Proudly sponsoring
  • We'll have a booth

The SiteGrounders on The Event:

  • Nikola Y.
    Nikola Y.
  • Luca Rodino
    Luca RodinoDigital Marketing Expert

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