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We truly believe in giving back to the communities that have shaped our company and meeting our customers in person! This is why we sponsor many events around the world like WordCamps, Joomla Days, various design and hosting conferences and many more. Check the next event where you can meet us!

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SiteGround is proudly supporting this special event and our team can't wait to be there! The conference will be held in The Garage at Tech Square - a beautiful open and creative space. We Expect great speakers, interesting sessions and a mix of conversations, interviews, and case studies!Our team will have a stand at the event, so make sure to stop by for a chat with Ivaylo, Rumen and Rado ;) Don't miss Rado's talk on "A fairy tale about the (missing) link between tech and business " and meet us at our booth for some cool swag and games with prizes. See you soon!

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