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We truly believe in giving back to the communities that have shaped our company and meeting our customers in person! This is why we sponsor many events around the world like WordCamps, Joomla Days, various design and hosting conferences and many more. Check the next event where you can meet us!

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WordCamp Sao Paulo

WordCamp Sao Paulo

We are excited to support WordCamp São Paulo conference for the first time! The fantastic team behind the event is planning a great conference with up to 700 attendees, great speakers, and sessions for every interest whether you are a developer, designer, journalist, marketer or still a student! This is the 5th edition, it will be held in the beautiful town of São Paulo, will be organized in one day, full of lectures, workshops, and networking. SiteGround is proudly sponsoring and speaking at the event, so don't miss Renato's talk. Although we will not be able to physically attend this one with a booth, you'll be able to meet and chat with Renato and see some of our cute giveaways: stickers, tattoos, branded wapuu socks and also, be on the lookout for our special event hosting deal:) If you are nearby and a WordPress enthusiast, go on and get your ticket for this wonderful event!

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  • Renato Frota
    Renato Frota

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