What is CRM and How to Use It?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a type of software that allows a company to measure and control contacts with customers either by phone, fax, mail or e-mail. The CRM will track and record every interaction with a customer, describing the customer's purchase, interest or demand. It will become the most powerful tool you have for data collection about the service requests, order entry, satisfaction and billing. The software allows you to easily analyze the aggregated data collected from customers. Ultimately, the CRM will be able to measure the performance of the business on the basis of internal benchmarks thanks to the information stored.

Vtiger is the most popular CRM installed on SiteGround servers. It includes powerful features such as sales force automation, customer support and inventory management. It is considered easy to use with an intuitive interface, especially as compared to SugarCRM - its closest competitor. TigerCRM loads quickly and has addons for MS Outlook & Word, Thunderbird, and more.

It is often claimed that installation of a CRM is complicated. At SiteGround we take that burden off your shoulders and provider free vTiger installation. We also offer a detailed vTiger tutorial to help you manage your CRM.

SugarCRM is another popular CRM. It is unmatched in terms of functionalities starting with automating business workflows to synchronizing client information. It can be easily integrated with third party applications to further facilitate the workflow. SugarCRM also integrates with MS Outlook.

SiteGround has been hosting SugarCRM for many years and offers expert support to its users. To review our hosting package, please go to our SugarCRM hosting page.