Coppermine Photo Gallery

What is Coppermine?

Coppermine is one of the most popular photo gallery scripts used by SiteGround customers. It runs with a mySQL database and has a rich set of features starting from basics such as arranging pictures in categories and albums, full multimedia support, option for private galleries, automatic thumbnail creation, and going to more complicated functionality such as easy customization to match your site’s layout and multi-language interface with automatic detection of language preferences. For a detailed feature review you may visit the official project website here.

Coppermine Gallery Management

Creating and managing an online gallery with Coppermine is quite simple, yet there are a few things to consider: hosting, installation, and management of content being the most important ones.

  • Coppermine Hosting

    Coppermine is easy to install on almost any web server with PHP, MySQL and Imagemagic or GD library and there many hosts would welcome a Coppermine installation. Few providers, however, provide the quality of service in terms of website speed and reliability that you could get at and the dedicated support that will walk you through the setup and later management of your gallery.

  • Coppermine hosting by SiteGround includes:

    When hosted by SiteGround your Coppermine site will enjoy top speed, unmatched security and expert support!

    • Free Coppermine Installation
    • Free Domain
    • Unlimited Traffic and Emails
    • Expert 24/7 Coppermine Support
    • FREE Daily Backup
    • FREE CDN Service
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  • Coppermine Installation

    How to install Coppermine is the first question you will ask when you start. If you use SiteGround hosting, we will install Coppermine for you, or if you want to give it a try yourself, we provide you with Softaculous script installer (located in your account’s cPanel), which will auto-install the gallery for you in just a few seconds.

  • Coppermine Themes

    If you wish to customize the layout of your Coppermine photo gallery, there are free themes that you might check out. SiteGround offers free Coppermine themes and free installation of your chosen theme!

  • Coppermine Tutorial

    Once your Coppermine is installed, you are ready to start creating pages, adding content and activating extensions for the functionality you need. We provide you with a detailed tutorial on how to manage your gallery.