Choose The Best Blog Tool For You!

Nowadays it's not difficult to start your own online blog as there are various freely distributed tools that give you the functionality for an easy start and a smooth blogging experience. To help you choose the best blog tool for you, we decided to compare all the tools used on our servers and list the most popular ones here for your convenience. For any of the blog software we feature on this page, we offer expert hosting and specialized blog support to make your work with the chosen tool as easy as possible.

WordPress is globally the most famous blog system. It is easy, logical and with a friendly interface. WordPress has a large supporting community and lots of plugins developed for additional functionality.

At SiteGround you will be able to get WordPress installed on your account in 3 clicks for free thanks to our unique getting started wizard! We also offer a choice of free WordPress themes to help you customize the look of your blog and a detailed WordPress tutorial for a smooth management of your blog.

Nucleus is another popular blog tool that is considered to be a light, flexible and secure software. It also relies on plugins to extend its functionality, but does not have the community of the WordPress size to develop and support it.

SiteGround has been hosting Nucleus for many years and offers expert support to its users. To review our hosting package, please go to our Nucleus hosting page.

B2evolution just as WordPress and Nucleus has managed to outgrow the strictly blog functionality by having photo management capabilities, stand alone pages and other versatile content management functions.

SiteGround has significant experience hosting B2evolution and ensures that blogs made on this platform run smoothly and receive top quality support from our team. Check our b2evolution hosting package here.