Do we work hard? Yes, definitely! Do we care about work-life balance? Yes, definitely!

Really?! How?

The answer goes back to our 2008 Christmas Party. Traditionally, each year we have Annual Awards for MVPs, distinguished achievements, and significant contribution for the overall SiteGround development. Usually at least 10 people from the whole team go home with an award. Last year, however made a difference – at the 2008 Xmas Party almost 35 SiteGrounders (out of 70, hey this is half of the whole team) were awarded for their work and unceasing devotion to SiteGround development.

What was the award? Apart from the traditional bonuses, this year all award winners would enjoy a deserved holiday! Even better – a holiday abroad! Those 35 young, enthusiastic and really dedicated professionals were about to spend the forthcoming spring of 2009 all around Europe – Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Greece!

Spring is knocking on the door and it was about time for the first group of people to enjoy their vacation in Barcelona, Spain. Yesterday they just came back. I was curious to find out how the trip went and asked them to share their experience. Do you know what they told me? "Words can’t really describe this. All we can say is that we wish everyone could visit this wonderful city."

Before booking your flight to Spain, though, take a moment to enjoy some really "wow – pictures" from our Barcelona Trip.