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Where We Work Matters

UPDATE: The current offer is valid through August 2019, stay tuned for updates!

If you freelance, run a startup or work remotely like me, we have some exciting news for you! SiteGround is partnering with WeWork, the world’s fastest-growing network of coworking spaces, to help web professionals in our community enjoy the productivity boost of an inspiring office space. We’re thrilled to announce that WeWork is offering SiteGround customers up to 15% off.

A partnership of shared values

SiteGround’s mission since 2004 has been to help creators, entrepreneurs, and web professionals build fast and beautiful websites more easily. We believe that talented creators deserve a better way to work, both online and offline and that your office space has an impact on the quality of your work.

That’s why, for example, all SiteGround offices are designed to be convenient, cheerful, and comfortable. Now, we’re excited to partner with a company that can provide that same energizing atmosphere to all SiteGround customers and help you easily build web projects and run your business from anywhere you want.

WeWork offices can help you work better

Be more focused and productive

As one of a handful of remote workers at SiteGround, I know first-hand how important it is to find a workspace that provides a quiet place to work and takes care of all the amenities, even brewing fresh coffee, so I can concentrate on my projects. I am based in Montreal where I’ve been a WeWork member at one of the two downtown locations. Coworking spaces allow you to be more focused when you need to be productive while keeping a healthy work-life balance.

Join a great community

Being part of a coworking community also allows you to exchange with like-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers. The WeWork network is buzzing with creative people working on exciting projects in a variety of industries. It can get lonely working from home and WeWork creates opportunities for socializingwhich I, for one, miss when I’m not with my fellow SiteGround employees in person.

Connect with a worldwide network

Just like SiteGround, WeWork is international. You can choose from more than 381 offices in 70 different cities. Note that some locations are subject to availability, so act fast! The international network is also handy when you need a space to focus when travelling. Contact any local WeWork office to get a visitor’s pass.

WeWork members based in the US can also access the Services Store, a portal of exclusive discounts from popular services and retailers loved by busy entrepreneurs.

Ready to join? Find your closest WeWork and claim your WeWork discount.

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Andrea Zoellner

Marketing Balladeer until 2019/12

As SiteGround's Montreal-based content creator, I spend my days thinking up brand messaging, crafting killer copy, and convincing my colleagues to visit Canada. I'm obsessed with English puns, French expressions, and packing the perfect carry-on.

Comments ( 4 )

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Jul 19, 2018

What is the financial arrangement between Siteground and WeWork. Did WeWork just purchase a major stake in Siteground? Or did they buy it outright?

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Hristo Pandjarov Siteground Team

Jul 20, 2018

Not really :) We're just partners.

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Feb 19, 2019

Hi, is it a 15% for life? for the first month? for a year? Can you please share more details of the offer?

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Hristo Pandjarov Siteground Team

Feb 19, 2019

It is up to 15% off of the regular price of your first contract for a dedicated space or a dedicated office space. The length of the period depends on your preference and the availability of the location you have selected.


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