We promised that this blog will be about life behind the scenes. So, this time I will tell you about the main projects our team is working on. Here is what’s next in line: 

1. Brand new automated server monitoring system – the current server monitoring system performs server checks within 9-10 seconds and in case of server load signals to the system administrator to fix the problem manually. The new monitoring system will practically solve problems on its own and will reduce the need for human action – artificial intelligence software. In the end of the day most of the problem resolution will be invisible for you and you will experience much shorter, if any at all, service interruptions due to high server loads or service instability issues. 

2. New Server Hardware - In order to provide even faster and improved server performance, we will be gradually changing all our shared servers with the newest Dell server technology. The sole aim of this project is to promote a more reliable hosting environment. Our Sys Admin and R&D team are currently working on implementing bigger hard drives in a RAID array (4 x 1 TB HDD) which will allow us to divide and replicate data among multiple hard disk drives. So, a failure of one disk in the array will not result in loss of data. We will also use hot swappable hard drives which will reduce downtime caused by routine maintenance. 

3. Automated DDoS Protection – our R&D and Sys Admin team are working on the development of software that will automatically detect possible flood and DDoS attacks and will reduce their negative impact. The system will ensure much faster reaction time and will help us mitigate the attack shortly after it has started. Thus, you will be better protected from being strongly affected by such attacks. 

4. Tutorials Redesign & Update – easy navigation and accuracy are the 2 critical features of a good tutorial. We plan to redesign the layout of our tutorials so that it will be easier to browse through their contents. We will also update the content of all tutorials (more than 3000 pages) and will add more than 1000 new pages. The benefit for you - accurate and up to date information!

Honestly, the list projects we are working on is quite long. Yet, I will stop here and leave some surprises for later. Keep stopping by to find out more :)