24 Feb


Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Hello everyone! First and foremost, welcome to the SiteGround Blog!

For many years we fought against the idea of having our own blog as we doubted its value for the community. But hey, since we have one now, then there is a pretty good idea behind it! Our blog will be about life behind the scenes – there are so many interesting things about our hosting business that we haven’t had the opportunity to tell our customers and friends!

The blog is still very new but we hope that it will open the floor for sharing ideas and opinions. We would love to hear your feedback, so feel free to leave your comments. Be sure to subscribe to the feed or bookmark the page to make sure you will be up to date with the new stuff here.

Enjoy reading!


Author: Dima Peteva

Project Manager

Loves all-things Internet and checks RSS feeds first thing in the morning as an early dose of daily inspiration, then puts it all into work throughout the day. A project manager by title, a creative enthusiast at heart.

Comments (5):

  1. Richard Edmonds says:

    Finally you guys have decided to put up a blog! I really need to get into Siteground hosting again, just need to think of a new site and you guys will have me on your train once again :)

    Hope the blog gets some good content and some reader comments to really get things going!


  2. Teifion says:

    It does inspire trust when not only does my hosting use twitter but they also have a blog. How long until you allow user registration, my browser likes to delete cookies so I have to retype comment information in from time to time.

    I’m looking forwards to reading about what goes on in your offices :)

  3. Joe says:

    Great to see you and know more about your organization. I understood at one point that your operation is in Houston although from looking at the surnames I realizing that Houston must really be an international melting pot. (but then I’m stuck in time and don’t always appreciate the reach of the internet).
    I have a support question about having a Wordprss test site to handle new versions that I don’t have an answer to. I know this is probably not the forum for these kind of questions, but it would be great to have an open forum that would handle some of the practices that others use.
    Best regards
    Clear Lake, TX
    (my neighbors are rocket scientists!)

  4. Dave says:

    Love the blog guys, keep up the good work. This will be a great way to keep us up to date with all thats going on in Siteground. Follow me on twitter.com/dmeehan too

  5. Marina says:

    Hello Dave,

    Stay tuned! There is a lot more to come in our blog :)
    And it will be a pleasure for us to follow you on twitter.

    Marina @ The SiteGround Team