Want to see some more SiteGround pictures?

SiteGround TeamI thought that it would be a nice idea to share some more pictures of our team. Contrary to some common understandings for IT people being simply crazy web gurus, you will see a team with various and interesting hobbies. The most popular hobby of a great number of our team members lately is the photography. You can check some of the pictures taken by our photography lovers in our Facebook Gallery

There you can also find pictures from company teambuildings and of course SiteGround faces. Enjoy!


SG Events Ninja

I must be very lucky - I love everything about SiteGround and I love traveling. So I travel the world to spread the SiteGround love, meet new people and share the experience with all of you. If you happen to see me at any conference, make sure to stop by say hi and share a drink with me :)


  1. Reply March 5, 2009 / 15:40 Fredric GluckSiteGround Team

    How about telling us a bit about where you are located. Let us see your surroundings!! Any good restaurants??

  2. Reply March 6, 2009 / 02:10 TinaSiteGround Team

    Fredric, we will soon upload some pics from our office building 🙂 Thanks for your suggestion.

  3. Reply March 8, 2009 / 14:30 lauraSiteGround Team

    Its nice to know you all :). Many times we imagine machines behind :P, its great to see real persons! Eating cereals, dinking coffee jejej.

    Nice to meet you
    Best regards


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