New feature: videos added to knowledge base articles

Bored reading how to set up your email or point your domain? Yeah, I know, many of us prefer watching a short video on the how-to instead of reading long tutorials. Surprise, surprise! The most recent project we are working on is adding short videos to our knowledge base articles.

But, we need your help! We are stuck on choosing the best narrating voice. Check the following 2 videos and tell us which voice-over you prefer by voting in the poll right after them:

Video 1

Video 2

Voting time!

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Want to help us further? Currently SiteGround knowledge base hosts more than 1300 articles in 16 categories. It will be rather difficult to record videos for all of them at a time. Tell us which category we should start with – maybe domain & DNS issues, or email issues? Or you prefer cPanel & Fantastico, or other?

We always want to deliver services that will best suit your needs, so your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated!

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  1. Reply April 27, 2009 / 16:28 Carol MartinoSiteGround Team

    I've had a Joomla website for nearly a year and have been able to manage the content. However, I still havae several basic questions that I can't find answers to -- even in Joomla books -- such as how do I add a caption to a beneath a photo? What is the best format for getting these questions answered. Thanks so much. Carol Martino

  2. Reply April 28, 2009 / 00:27 TinaSiteGround Team

    Carol, you can always use our Joomla tutorials and knowledge base. Here are a few quick links:

    --Joomla tutorial ->
    --Joomla 1.5 tutorial ->
    -- Knowledge base ->

    Also you can refer to the Joomla documentation on their official website.

    Particularly for your question, here is a useful resource:

    Hope this helps!


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