Video tutorials at SiteGround

SiteGround is pleased to announce the release of a new collection of video tutorials available for free to all its customers and website visitors. The video tutorials are a bonus to the valuable package of web hosting tutorials and knowledge base articles the company already provides.

"We believe the video tutorials will make it easier for our users to understand how to create and maintain a website. I myself, prefer listening to reading, especially when it comes to something I am less familiar with. I am sure our visitors will find the new video guides useful and easy to follow", says Marketing specialist Silvia Nikolova, initiator of the project.

The new video tutorials cover the following sections:

:: Domain name management - domain transfer, DNS settings, etc.;
:: Email account creation and management, email clients;
:: Installation guides for popular applications, such as Joomla, WordPress etc.;
:: cPanel management;
:: FTP management;
:: and much more.

The entire collection of video tutorials can be reviewed at the new Video tutorials section. The video series will be kept up-to-date with the latest software versions. Specific tutorials are placed at the separate Hosting and software tutorials pages for easier access.

Apart from the large collection of tutorials, SiteGround also maintains a rich gallery of free resources - such as high quality and free to use Templates, Knowledge base articles etc. The company believes that by offering free resources many people would be willing to give it a try and start their own web projects.

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