New Free WordPress Theme by SiteGround – Universe

We are proud to present the latest release to our WordPress free themes gallery. Our brand new WordPress theme Universe is finally here ready to be downloaded and used. It is optimized for a great performance with WordPress 3.0 and provides a unique set of features that you would hardly find in another freely distributed theme.

Universe WordPress Theme

One of the greatest advantages of the themes is that it works perfectly not only with the standard plain WordPress installation, but supports a wide range of plugins. It also provides a number of additional functionalities that will make the website of anyone, who chooses to use it, look and feel professional. Check the Universe Demo if you want if you want to play around with the theme. You can also dowload it from our Free WordPress Themes Gallery. Below you will find a list with some of the great features of Universe.

Widget Ready Sidebar

Widged-Ready SitebarMost of the free WordPress themes have only the basic WordPress elements designed. If you want to add additional items, you have to style them which requires a lot of time and knowledge in CSS and HTML. Universe, however, is widget-ready which means that if you want to add a widget to your sidebar all you have to do is to drag it into it. It will look great on the theme front end no matter whether it is a calendar, categories list or a search box. Check the demo of the theme in which we have added almost all possible widgets that come with WordPress 3.0.

125×125 banners ready (using WP125)

WP125 has become one of the most popular WordPress plugins. Basically it allows you to display a preset number of banners 125px per 125px in size on your sidebar. We have taken into consideration that this plugin is used by more and more bloggers and have made sure that it will look fantastic if you decide to install and enable it on your website running Universe. Note that this plugin works best if you choose to display an even number of banners in the right column. Advertising and winning money with your website has never been easier!

prettyPhoto lightbox (jQuery based)

LightboxprettyPhoto lightbox is a jQuery based script that handles the visualization of your photos on your website. We have added prettyPhoto into the Universe theme in order to provide you with fast and easy way to display your photos in style. All you have to do is to add rel=”prettyPhoto” to your image and it will be handled by the prettyPhoto script.

Custom 404 Not Found page

Custom 404 Error PageIn order to provide you with a professional design, we have taken into consideration every little bit of work that most of the free themes out there are missing including a custom 404 Page Not Found page. We have implemented a custom 404 page that will look stylish and in the same time has search functionality that the visitors landed on it can use to actually find your content.

Dropdown Menu Support

Dropdown Menu SupportDropdown menus have became a necessity for all modern design layouts. Since more and more websites use submenus and subcategories we have designed a submenu that will perfectly serve your needs. If you want to have more than one submenu level this is not a problem too, the menu supports multiple subcategories.

CSS3 Enhanced

Universe benefits from the latest innovations CSS3 has brought to the world wide web. We have used it in order to make your blog using Universe look even better. Last but not least, we have taken in consideration different browsers and we have made sure that the theme looks great on all the modern browsers.

SEO Optimized

The Universe template is designed with Search Engines in mind. Its output is completely valid according to W3C. In addition, the code is structured so search engines will index your content in the best possible way. Last but not least, it supports all the SEO plugins that you may want to include into your WordPress site.

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Hristo Pandjarov

Product Innovation Director

Enthusiastic about all Open Source applications you can think of, but mostly about WordPress. Add a pinch of love for web design, new technologies, search engine optimisation and you are pretty much there!

Comments ( 7 )

author avatar

Hassan Sas

Apr 14, 2012

The theme failed to use the drop down menu. I am sure i did everything right but the drop down menu wont work. Any suggestions anyone?

author avatar

Hristo Siteground Team

Apr 26, 2012

Hi Hassan, The Universe theme is designed to show pages and subpages in the upper navigation. If you create a page and add child pages to it, you will see them as menu items and submenu items in the navigation panel. You can see the way those menus are visualized on our WordPress demo page: There are 3 levels deep menus under the "News" item. I believe that if you organize your navigation this way, the theme will render it correctly. If you have further questions please post them in the Universe thread in our forum:

author avatar


Jan 15, 2015

I am having the same issue. Child elements are not showing up as drop down menus in the navigation bar. I have the elements properly configured under Appearance | Menus so they show a hierarchy but non of the sub menu items display in the navigation bar. Do you have any documentation on configuring menus with this theme? The link above to the forum thread is inactive. Thanks, Greg

author avatar

Jason Marks

Mar 08, 2017

I know this is "old" but I hope these comments aren't dead. I LOVE Universe. Is there any easy way, or any, for that matter, to turn it into full width without any sidebar?

author avatar

Hristo Pandjarov Siteground Team

Mar 08, 2017

Unfortunatelly, there isn't an easy way to do that, you need to edit the theme itself and do changes in the CSS files to make it work full width.

author avatar


Apr 16, 2017

Is there a tutorial for that? I want to keep the sidebar (maybe decrease it a little) but just expand the width of the whole site (including the width of post to about 618px.) Thanks. :)

author avatar

Hristo Pandjarov Siteground Team

Apr 18, 2017

We don't have a special tutorial for that since it's a standard WordPress theme. You can modify it with editting the style.css file to fit your particular needs.


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