If you have gone through the anguish of having your personal information exposed to theft and abuse, you probably already realize that even the best password is not always enough to protect your data against unauthorized access. There are many ways how you can find yourself exposed: lost/stolen electronic devices, electronic fraud (phishing, scam, etc.), and hacking of popular service providers have all become widespread.

Two-factor authentication has become the weapon of choice to add an extra layer of security and in recent months we have had several requests from customers to integrate it with our services. True to our commitment to the security of users’ data, we have now made available this option for all SiteGround customers.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor login improves your account security by adding another password which is dynamically generated and changes every few minutes. In order to use it, you need a smartphone application where you will be finding the code you need to log in each time.

Two-step login greatly improves the security of your account because it combines two unique factors: something only you know (your password) and something only you have access to (your smartphone). Even if one of those gets compromised (we hope not), having the second layer of security still protects your account from unauthorized access.

How to enable two-factor login for your account?

Two-factor authentication can be enabled from the ‘My Details’ section in your SiteGround User Area. The process to turn it on is explained in the User Area but if you need further guidance, please check out the Two-factor Authentication Tutorial we have created.

Please remember, that once you enable two-factor login, you will need your smartphone every time you want to access your SiteGround account. Even if you share access with other people you can still use two-factor authentication by adding your SiteGround account on multiple devices.

What if you lose your codes?

It happens, we know. A lost or stolen phone or a sudden reset with all data lost. With two-factor login enabled, there is a small chance that you might lose access to your account. If something like that happens we have provided you with two backup options to turn off two-factor authentication: a verified phone number to send a disabling code to, and a pre-set backup code. Both are configured during the activation process.

We hope you find two-factor authentication useful and convenient. In case you experience any difficulties setting it up or using it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. As always, we are ready to listen to feedback from our customers and looking for ways to improve our services.