Our Top Customer Care Rep in July

Stoyko joined us less than 4 months ago and is already among our Top Customer Care Stars. He is an excellent learner and often looks to broaden his skills watching YouTube tutorials. When he is not geeking away in front of a computer, you could see him with his camera in hand, documenting memories of his adventures. Learn more from his interview!


Marketing Project Manager

Iskra cares about making customers happy and looks for ways to improve the digital content they see and the interactions they have with our platforms. A charming feature she has is her passion for bugging developers and designers until every bug is fixed.


  1. Reply August 29, 2017 / 05:46 Rochelle JoseSiteGround Team

    Thank your for the article. Love this!

  2. Reply August 31, 2017 / 02:16 Mark BowenSiteGround Team

    Well done Stokyo!

    All I have to say about the support team so far is that you are the best I have ever come across after many many years of different web hosts.

    Keep up the great work everybody at SG! 🙂

    Best wishes,



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