World - Our latest WordPress Theme!

It has been a while since we added new themes to our WordPress gallery. That is why I am quite thrilled to announce the release of the "World" WordPress theme. Unusual for a free theme as it is, this is the first of a new generation of themes we launch with its own admin panel from where you can control a rich set of features.

Once you install our WordPress theme, you will notice an additional menu added to your WordPress admin page. This is the settings panel of"World". Here are some of the characteristics you can manage from the admin panel:

Five different color schemes

Color palettes"World" has five different color palettes that you can choose from: Orange, Blue, Red, Green, and Purple. Simply select the desired color from the admin panel and the entire theme will change accordingly.

Social networking widgets

Social widgetWe have included in the theme the functionality to display links to your social network profiles - FaceBook, Google, Twitter as well as a link to your RSS emission. Simply enable it, set a title and add the URLs to your profiles to link them on your site.

Custom logo

The header image is easily replace-able and you could put your own logo in that area. Simply add the URL to your site's logo in the "World" admin panel and it will replace the globe and servers picture at the top of your page. There is no need of replacing images or making code modifications.

Fully widgetized

We have designed our theme so you can simply drag and drop the selected widgets to your right column and your footer.


We have added breadcrumbs functionality to our theme. If you decide to enable it, it will appear right under your main menu.


FancyboxWhat used to be a fancy way of showing images is now a necessity for every modern website. We have included one of the best jQuery-based lightbox systems available - Fancybox right into the theme. Just enable it and your images will pop-up in a stylish, fast and lightweight way.

Back to the top link

A nice little jQuery script that allows you to return back to the top of the site in a smooth eye-pleasing way.

Footer copyright text

Now you can add the copyright text of your website at the bottom of your pages without having to use the html theme editor.

So, we hope you'll like it. It's free for download and you can get it from our WordPress themes gallery!