Hey, I am writing this blog post to let you know we've moved our Customer Service to a new, better and significantly larger office! We are so excited about it, because we believe that it is important how people feel about their job and that the efficient, comfortable and cozy work environment influences positively the quality of our Customers Service.

Here's the short story of our Customer Service offices: The first customer service office we established apart from our head office was in the romantic initial years of SiteGround, when we, less than 10 founders and enthusiasts that started the company, were doing everything ourselves. I remember with some nostalgia those times when we spent weeks doing job interviews all day long and wiring PCs and switches in the evening.

Now 7 years and 250,000 domains later we have gone through several office changes. However, as the number of people working for SiteGround grew beyond 70, we once again needed to move. So we found a luxurious 7,000 sq. foot office for our customer service (this is nearly 10 times larger than our first one!) :) This time it was not me wiring the place and making the interviews, but the new office still required a lot of my and other higher management people's involvement in all sorts of details in order to create the perfect office:

  • We have chosen the highest class business building that has a huge power generator for backup in times of general electricity problems. This means that our customer service availability will not be influenced by power outages;
  • We rely on two of the biggest local internet providers to ensure redundancy of connectivity, meaning that even if one of them experiences some temporary problems we are still covered.
  • We decided that each workspace will be supplied with two monitors, so that people can see the maximum possible information and thus serve the customer requests faster;
  • We equipped a big training room, where apart from the standard trainings we will hold some open classes on different aspects of running the company, so that everyone has a notion what is the general philosophy behind our organization;
  • We dedicated a room to be used as a cozy fully equipped kitchen. There are also vending machines so that no one gets thirsty or hungry over the night shift;
  • We created a game room with a pool table, darts and other games, where people can relax, as we know that when the stress goes beyond certain levels one cannot provide efficient support to the customers in need;
  • We also took part in polishing the smallest details like choosing the furniture and the pictures in each work room in matching colors. I, myself being a keen fan of photography, even bought a professional photo-printer to print the images chosen by the the sales and support team supervisors :)

So the new office really got us involved. It maybe took more of our time than we initially expected, but on the opening party, when I heard Mila from the sales team saying: “It feels like home here!” I understood that it was totally worth it. Because I know from my own experience, from the time when I was supporting SiteGround customers myself, that feeling at home at your workplace makes you respond to customers as if they are family or friends!

The SiteGround Mastermind