Thank you for thanking SiteGround!

On behalf of the whole SiteGround team we would like to say a big “Thank you!” to all customers, who took part in our Thanksgiving initiative! The true stories you shared on your websites about your SiteGround experience were absolutely amazing, sincere and inspired. It is great to see that our team and service are appreciated for the things we believe are important and put special effort on. So it is our turn to say:

Thank you for the high evaluation of our support and for appreciating the special efforts we put to be experts in all the different software you use:

… it was 2 am at night, and I forgot a function on WordPress, or it was something hidden in my FTP, the great support team always helped me almost 24/7. Plamen M. and the team over there really work hard, and don’t even complain when I ask them silly questions,that I usually answer myself ten minutes later…” Read the whole SiteGround review

… Several times the tech team went out of their way to actually look into the site (and the forum) to trouble shoot a problem that wasn’t even hosting related…” See a SiteGround review by a vBulletin user

… I had built a Joomla CMS website using Community Builder. And get this – I hosted with the creators of Community Builder, with awful results. I ran into stone wall after stone wall. So, I contacted the support chat on the website. (I had worked with them a few years ago and has a good experience then. So I thought.. why not check into it.) By the end of the day, my entire site was ported and running great…” See a SiteGround review by a geek

This year we celebrated our 5th year of delivering engineering subjects using Moodle LMS hosted by Siteground. … Although we are only using shared web hosting service we are very proud to have been associated with our host Siteground. They have provided us with excellent service through their help desk support even with the smallest tasks…” Read about hosting Moodle with SiteGround

Thank you for noticing the reliability and the speed of our servers:

…In two years time there have only been two times…the website and email were down. One of those times the problem wasn’t even with SiteGround but with the domain registry…The second time was a major server upgrade which completed within the hour…” Read a story of someone switching to SiteGround after using other hosting companies

As you can see, our website is running much better and faster now, after we changed the hosting company but not only that, now I can easily update the forums with a new theme and add new updates very fast because the hosting machine provided by SiteGround has a verry good download/upload speed which makes things easier and faster.” Read about hosting a vBulletin on SiteGround

Thank you for noticing when we do more than promised to make you feel at the right place in SiteGround:

… If I had to pick one instance of why I think this way I would talk about a situation I got myself into by neglecting to read my email. As many web developers do, I have numerous domains and numerous hosting accounts set up. Some are successful and some projects just get abandoned, well I had a project I had abandoned but still had set up to auto-renew the hosting agreement with siteground. Problem was I did not pay attention to my email for a couple months and bang one day I was stuck holding the bill. Upset about the situation I called and asked them to just shut off the account, not caring too much about the money I had just lost since it was my fault anyway for not paying attention. Without prompting the representative proposed transfering the credit from the abandoned project onto one the accounts I actually use. Brilliant! Most companies just keep your money one you hand it to them, but was more interested in my long term satisfaction, and it has worked…” Read why a professional web developer recommends SiteGround

Thank you for being critical for the things you do not like:

Siteground and I share a really love-hate relationship…I hate the way Siteground locks me in and then starts raising the full year hosting prices bit by bit (at least every time I need to renew my contract), and I hate the way they hold my Credit Card information hostage and I can’t delete them from my account so unless I explicitly make them terminate the hosting, they’ll debit sums from my Credit Card month by month to pay for further hosting. But I loved the fact that when I run into trouble and send a ticket to the support team, I get replies that shows that they care, though more often than not, it takes quite some effort to find a means of getting to the ticket submission….” Read how you can sometimes hate SiteGround still appreciate it 🙂

Thank you for letting SiteGround inspire you:

To write poems:

Trouble, trouble is my life
not the lyrics nor my wife
No, my problem is
where shall all my lyrics live?
Saving thought came to my mind
Siteground yes that is a find”
  …read the whole SiteGround poem

And make cute advertisements!

And the winners are…

And I almost forgot, that I wanted to announce the winner from the initiative that will take the Amazon Kindle Fire. We knew it would have been hard for us to choose the winner based on which is the best story you shared, as they were all great. So we draw the winner randomly, and the Kindle goes to:

Eugenia Mercuriev, website:

We also prepared custom t-shirts for all the people that have made the effort to share something on their website. Please check your mail for instructions how to receive your t-shirt.

Once again, we would like to express how greatly amazed we were by the overwhelming positive comments and reviews. We are really proud to be your web host! Congratulations to all winners! For the rest of you – stay tuned for upcoming surprises and promotions from us – they won’t be long 🙂

Lilyana Yakimova
Marketing Manager

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Lilyana Yakimova

Product Owners Team Lead

I have been with SiteGround since it was born and it has always amazed me to watch this company grow and develop its unique personality.

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Dec 02, 2011

congrats to Eugenia Mercuriev. And i was also happy..because i have also won a t-shirt thank you siteground for everything

author avatar

Nathan Prugh

Dec 14, 2011

hey siteground.. thank you for tshirt.. blog post about it at...

author avatar

Magento Developer

Dec 21, 2011

Siteground has proven again and again that they stand by their customers. I sometimes forget things as a developer, and siteground helped me contain the damage when things went sideways.


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