tel_me_mobi_domainsIn a hurry? Read the short story then: I am happy to share that .TEL, .me, .mobi are the three new domain extensions we are offering to all of you as of today. I know that the fact about the 20% discount on the new domain registrations will make the news even more attractive. So, enjoy 20% discount on .TEL, .me, and .mobi domain registrations.

Got more than a minute? Then read the long story: The first quarter of 2009 showed nearly 183 million registered domain names across all of the top level domain names, which shows a three percent increase over the fourth quarter of 2008 and a 12 percent increase over the same quarter from last year. (VeriSign report). This served to alarm us that domain registration is attractive to a growing number of people and we had nothing else to do but respond to this demand. Yet, we wanted to offer new extensions that are not only attractive but also opening new online business opportunities for our customers. So, we have chosen .TEL, .me, and .mobi.

Why .TEL?

Two simple reasons: 1. .TEL domains provide a great opportunity to publish all your contact information online and thus get found within just a couple of clicks. 2. .TEL domains do not require hosting; your contact information is stored directly in the DNS and is universally accessible.  Thus you get a website for just the cost of registering the domain. See how it looks like. Oh, and by the way, you should check the promo video of .TEL domains.

Why .mobi?

One reason is enough:  with a .mobi domain name you can optimize your main website for mobile browsing. This will help you enlarge your target customers’ base by reaching millions of people browsing via their mobile phones. Needless to say that the trend is towards increased mobile browsing. Last but not least – an optimized for mobile browsing website will add value for your existing customers so you will be one step ahead of your competitors. Plenty of free resources about optimizing your website for mobile browsing here.

Why .me?

Straightforward:  .me is great for promoting both your personal and business online presence. You can use .me for your personal blogs, portfolio, online resume, or personal pages ( .Me domains can also help as a catchy business marketing tools. For example, with a .me domain name you can target the younger visitors of your website by launching a .ME web site with your product name in it or for call to action programs. (

If you do not have any other reason to register a preferred .tel, .me, or .mobi domain name, then you can do it simply to protect your brand from competitors who might wish to take advantage of the brand awareness created by your .com/net/info website. Should I mention that for established brand names this is a requirement rather than a necessity?

Finally, let me mention that .TEL, .me, and .mobi will not be the only new domain extensions we will add to our domain portfolio. We plan to offer some new additions, but we will need your help with picking up the winners – so what are the domain extensions you would like to see available at SiteGround? Feel free to post your comments below.