2,925 m /9,596 ft high

Having slept over the SiteGround team building that was held this weekend, I suddenly realized how symbolic the event was. It all started, when few of the key SiteGrounders decided that we should aim for the top of the highest mountain peak around (2,925m / 9,596ft high). At the hiking day the weather was far from friendly with strong chilly wind and occasional gusts of rain. At first many people were skeptical about reaching the top, as the track itself was not an easy one. However, at each obstacle there were two forces that helped us move further up: first, the contagious enthusiasm of the people ahead of you and second, the reassuring support from the people next to you.

At the end SiteGround was at the top – satisfied not only that it has reached the aim, but even more that it has inspired so many people to achieve more than they have ever believed is possible. I think we pretty much do the same in our day-to-day work. We have brave and ambitious goals set by the SiteGround visionaries. The whole team works to achieve them together, with each person being inspired to redefine his/her own boundaries.

It's been a hard day's night!

And after this challenging and rewarding day it was party time!!! And at SiteGround we know how to have fun: pool jumping, acoustic guitar and singing under the night sky, crazy dancing with vibes by our very own DJ – Anton from the Sales department, are only few of the things we did :)

We are now back in the office – batteries re-charged and moving ahead together on our usual track towards the next peak in the web hosting!