What did the SiteGround survey reveal?

SiteGround Customer Satisfaction Rate

Waiting for the results of the first official customer survey to come out was one of the main thrills during the last few days in the SiteGround offices. Now that we have the results submitted and processed and the winner of the iPad selected, we are impatient to share all the survey news with you!

Thank you for participating!

iPad won!First of all, we would like to thank all of you who took the time to complete the survey. The response rate was amazing and you helped us learn a lot. The winner of the iPad was chosen by summing the numbers of the date on which the survey was closed: 10/22/2012 and the lucky respondent with the number 2044 was Ashley Dingler, who has been using our service since 2009! Congratulations, Ashley, the iPad is already on its way to you!

You have chosen us with high expectations!

The main three things you have pointed out as main factors to choose SiteGround initially were the affordable price, the good recommendations you received by someone you knew or through online reviews, and the expertise SiteGround had in the application you used. Although the attractive price was pointed out as one of the reasons to choose us by the majority of the customers (70%), you none-the-less also had high expectations about the level of the support, the security and the loading speed we provide. Around 40% of all customers expected not just satisfactory, but truly outstanding quality.

We met your expectations and even more!

So do we meet your expectations? We were happy to see in your answers that we do and we even surpass them in several areas. The amazingly high percentage of satisfaction on all the four important aspects of our service made us feel proud!

Outstanding VS Satisfied

Did we fail somewhere?

One very important thing we tried to measure with this survey was to what extent our customers are aware of the important technological innovations we implement. We consider our company to be one of the most innovative on the market and we are proud of having invented some revolutionary technologies that solve problems other providers considered as unsolvable. However, the survey has pointed out a problem in this area that we need to address: Less than 20% of you are aware about any specific innovation we have implemented.

The good news is that even not knowing how we achieve it, our customers are still extremely satisfied with the high level of our server uptime and security. However, in some cases you cannot take full advantage of the technologies we provide if you do not know about them. As one customer simply put it in a survey response:

Personally, I am very satisfied with your service, but i am sure I am not taking advantage of the half of it. From my stand point, you have this problem: YOU DO NOT EXPLAIN YOUR ADVANTAGES CLEARLY, NOR DO YOU GIVE PROPER INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE.

We now promise to make you say: “How cool is that!”

How cool is that?!To address the problem we have identified and help you know what we do so you could use it to its full potential, we will launch a special campaign: “How cool is that!”. The aim of the campaign is to inform you in an easy and fun way about the cool things we do. Details will soon follow but make sure you now start following us so you don't miss any of the upcoming news:

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Marketing Director

I have been with SiteGround since it was born and it has always amazed me to watch this company grow and develop its unique personality. My rewarding and challenging job is to help SiteGround communicate its strengths in the best way possible, learn from its mistakes and become a better person, oops, I meant a better brand!


  1. Reply October 25, 2012 / 13:46 John GolembiewskiSiteGround Team

    Frankly I am of the opinion that Siteground screwed me royally in the Zencart copyright episode. I am locked out of my website due to a problem that Siteground should have shouldered the financial responsibility for.

    • Reply October 26, 2012 / 06:02 MarinaSiteGround Team

      Hello John,

      It seems to me that you are referring to the Zen SiteBuilder that we had to discontinue some time ago. I have check your case in detail and sent an email to you with a personal solution that will surely suit your needs. Please check your Inbox for more details.

      Best Regards,
      Marina Yordanova

  2. Reply October 25, 2012 / 15:15 Vince SSiteGround Team

    Hmmm, Facebook, Twitter & G+ may be "just so hip" to many but I regard them as a total waste of life space when there are so many better things to be doing with it.

    So "make sure you now start following us so you don't miss any of the upcoming news" is a total wank in my opinion and will NEVER get me in!

    I would love to hear about the "how cool" stuff, but if it isn't sent via a newsletter format I don't care enough to go looking for it. So I am just saying "communication" needs to suit all demographics to actually work, and anyone over 40 something is likely to think the same as me, OK?

  3. Reply October 25, 2012 / 15:52 Mark GottsegenSiteGround Team


    No Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn! A total waste of time, to echo "Vince S."

    Just send me an email.

  4. Reply October 25, 2012 / 16:17 Chris SchutzSiteGround Team

    Really!!!! what's the deal on this Facebook/Twitter stuff?? I'm 60+ years old and have better things to do with my time than fool around with such silleyness!! I don't want something "hip", I just want something that works and to be quite frank your web hosting ain't all that great....

  5. Reply October 25, 2012 / 17:23 JD GillispieSiteGround Team

    I'm in with the herd, I have no desire to jump into the mess of Facebook, or share moments of my life with complete strangers on Twitter, as for Google, I can only say, huh? Send me my email alerts and I'll be just fine.

    • Reply October 26, 2012 / 00:21 Lilyana YakimovaSiteGround Team

      To all people who are not big fans of the social media: do not worry! We will be using the good old email channel for sending the information about the new technologies and services too. So if you do not want to bother with following or sharing, you will still be well informed.

  6. Reply October 25, 2012 / 19:49 Steve GuardianiSiteGround Team

    Great work SiteGround, keep it up.
    It's a shame that with 1,000's and 1,000's of customers; the only one's with the time to comment are the disgruntled few.
    To the herd. . .OK, so maybe social media is not your "thing" (it's not mine either) . . but your comments are here and you're being social, right? Enjoy the emails!
    To SiteGround. . . Great work, keep it up.

  7. Reply October 25, 2012 / 22:20 Kelly KykkanenSiteGround Team

    Have to say that I agree that the hosting needs work but no than support. Never more had the feeling like I was chatting with someone that only wanted to upgrade my service rather than helping a customer out. As a full fledged service it has unfortunate shortcomings that lead to the quick push to upgrade. As of now I've already started to make the switch to another email host.
    As for Facebook and such, I say no thanks! Don't need to add another company to add to my likes or follows page. Please stick to email promos

    • Reply October 26, 2012 / 06:43 MarinaSiteGround Team

      Hello Kelly,

      We are sorry to hear that you are considering moving to another host.

      I have check your communication with our team via ticket and chat. The problem you experienced seems to be a very common and old issue appearing when using a Mac Mail client. There are multiple threads about this problem, e.g. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2547839?start=0&tstart=0 , and our tech team is continuously monitoring these for a solution that we'll be able to offer to our customer using Mac.

      Unfortunately at the moment the only way to to allow unlimited simultaneous connections from one IP is to choose a higher solution than our Shared hosting plan.

      We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope that we'll be able to find a solution.

      Best Regards, Marina Yordanova

  8. Reply October 26, 2012 / 00:33 DaveSiteGround Team

    Facebook and Twitter? No thanks!

    Something you didn't ask about is what we think of your forum. I've wasted a lot of time submitting posts which never get past the moderator. In fact I don't believe there is a moderator since no new posts have appeared under 'Customers' experience and suggestions' for nearly two months!

    • Reply October 26, 2012 / 01:14 HristoSiteGround Team

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for bringing the attention on the forum. I have just checked to find out that there has been a glitch in the forum administrating area that has been preventing some of the pending posts in some categories to be seen by the moderators. We have fixed this issue, and from now on there there should be no missed posts. The forum is definitely one of the things on our list that is going to be updated soon and made more efficient.

      I have now manually approved your post, but as it is from September 28th, you may want to post an update on the situation.

  9. Reply October 26, 2012 / 04:28 issviewsSiteGround Team

    I have to agree with the social media aspect that others dislike and regard a waste of time and space PLUS highly invsive of personal information. No way will I every use Facebook and my site has stopped using Twitter to spread the word on internet threats and personal safety online. I agree that a newletter via email is probably the best method to employ by Siteground.

    As for the results, congratulations Siteground. I never expected adverse results anyway 🙂

  10. Reply October 26, 2012 / 07:00 RichardSiteGround Team

    I agree with the rest. I'm to old to be bothering with Twittering and Facebook and personally can't be bothered to get to grips with it (no mater how amazing it is and what wonderful things it can do for my business). Keep it simple, send me a news letter through the post or stick it in one of those email things, Thank you 🙂

    • Reply October 26, 2012 / 07:18 Lilyana YakimovaSiteGround Team

      note taken:) email will still be main channel of communication...

  11. Reply October 26, 2012 / 07:37 FranzSiteGround Team

    Congrats. My expeience with Sitegroundd has been outstanding thuis far.

  12. Reply October 26, 2012 / 08:15 Megan ValentineSiteGround Team

    Weeelllll I agree with the rest that all methods of communication are needed, but I for one love Facebook/Twitter as an easy way to get quick snippets of info out there. I don't need a whole enewsletter to tell me a single sentence, and I certainly don't want them more than once a month or so. Also, Facebook/Twitter (and this blog) are a great way to interact directly with businesses, whereas you can't usually reply to an enewsletter with feedback.

    Anyway, as a person in the advertising field, I think so far SiteGround has done a great job of balancing all the different communication types, so just keep doing what you're doing! You have all the options there for however we want to use them (or not).

  13. Reply October 28, 2012 / 05:32 Art MealeeSiteGround Team

    Thanks for reaching out in new ways to keep us in the loop. I've been using and recommending you guys for years. You have been great to work with and every time we interact you folks have been excellent in helping me.

  14. Reply December 18, 2012 / 19:40 DawnSiteGround Team

    While I am 42 and don't spend the 6.5hrs on Facebook, many of the client's I serve as well as their customers do. And, if it had not been for a quick visit to the facebook page, which was a link in my customer service person's email, I would have never found this terrific survey and learned so much about the innovations - or had a chance to see the divine infographics.

    So I understand that it is critical to send updates in emails, but bravo for the social media channels and full integration across the board. Social Media has made many impossible dreams possible through viral branded campaigns for the little company to grow their business, which was almost impossible just 30 years ago.

    If many of our direct consumer customers spend that 6.5+ hours on Facebook, it is comforting to see that your host partner has exhibited great strength, mastery and integration into those areas.

    All my best
    from TX/USA


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