SiteGround Customer Satisfaction Rate

Waiting for the results of the first official customer survey to come out was one of the main thrills during the last few days in the SiteGround offices. Now that we have the results submitted and processed and the winner of the iPad selected, we are impatient to share all the survey news with you!

Thank you for participating!

iPad won!First of all, we would like to thank all of you who took the time to complete the survey. The response rate was amazing and you helped us learn a lot. The winner of the iPad was chosen by summing the numbers of the date on which the survey was closed: 10/22/2012 and the lucky respondent with the number 2044 was Ashley Dingler, who has been using our service since 2009! Congratulations, Ashley, the iPad is already on its way to you!

You have chosen us with high expectations!

The main three things you have pointed out as main factors to choose SiteGround initially were the affordable price, the good recommendations you received by someone you knew or through online reviews, and the expertise SiteGround had in the application you used. Although the attractive price was pointed out as one of the reasons to choose us by the majority of the customers (70%), you none-the-less also had high expectations about the level of the support, the security and the loading speed we provide. Around 40% of all customers expected not just satisfactory, but truly outstanding quality.

We met your expectations and even more!

So do we meet your expectations? We were happy to see in your answers that we do and we even surpass them in several areas. The amazingly high percentage of satisfaction on all the four important aspects of our service made us feel proud!

Outstanding VS Satisfied

Did we fail somewhere?

One very important thing we tried to measure with this survey was to what extent our customers are aware of the important technological innovations we implement. We consider our company to be one of the most innovative on the market and we are proud of having invented some revolutionary technologies that solve problems other providers considered as unsolvable. However, the survey has pointed out a problem in this area that we need to address: Less than 20% of you are aware about any specific innovation we have implemented.

The good news is that even not knowing how we achieve it, our customers are still extremely satisfied with the high level of our server uptime and security. However, in some cases you cannot take full advantage of the technologies we provide if you do not know about them. As one customer simply put it in a survey response:

Personally, I am very satisfied with your service, but i am sure I am not taking advantage of the half of it. From my stand point, you have this problem: YOU DO NOT EXPLAIN YOUR ADVANTAGES CLEARLY, NOR DO YOU GIVE PROPER INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE.

We now promise to make you say: “How cool is that!”

How cool is that?!To address the problem we have identified and help you know what we do so you could use it to its full potential, we will launch a special campaign: “How cool is that!”. The aim of the campaign is to inform you in an easy and fun way about the cool things we do. Details will soon follow but make sure you now start following us so you don't miss any of the upcoming news:

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