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I work for SiteGround since the company was founded and I still remember well these hard and romantic times in the beginning, when each of us knew the name and the website of almost all our customers. Now, seven years and thousands of customers later, as a head of the Marketing Department I seldom have the chance to get to know in such details anyone using our services. However, at the end of the last year I got a new opportunity to learn more about some of our most outstanding clients. We had an initiative to find the most loyal customers and to surprise them with custom made t-shirts and with a blog post with an interview with each of them.  So this is the start of a series that will present:

Customers who have built many websites and host them all with us

There were many people in this category and the person we will be happy to start with, is Michel Smekens, the SEO of a web design bureau in Belgium:, who has chosen to host their customers with us. He will tell us more about his work and his reasons to be with SiteGround in his featured interview.

People hosted by SiteGround since the beginning of the time

We have awarded with t-shirts several people that have started their websites in the first months after we launched our own website and are still actively using their accounts. The one interviewed from this group is Saleh Bucay from Saudi Arabia. He has more than 10 websites hosted with us, and his first website was uploaded on our servers only 2 months after launching And this is a really interesting site of an Organization of Muslim Women with mission to “Empowering Muslim women through education and skills.”

Word-of-mouth heroes, who share their love in the social medias

We have interviewed two interesting people here, who we have noticed to recommend SiteGround several times on Twitter:

Teifion Jordan from the UK who has created and maintained for nearly 7 years an interesting play by post game, called World of Arl, and is now interested in a completely different and surprising area. Keep an eye on our blog to find out which it is.

Megan Valentine – a web designer in  AdCo – a full-service agency located in downstate Illinois, USA, that is using a dedicated server from SiteGround.

As you can see there are so many truly amazing people with different backgrounds, interests and from different parts of the world, connected by the fact they use our hosting service. SiteGround is a small universe and I am happy to start this blog series to present some of the most interesting people that populate it. So, stay tuned for details about these 4 initial stories.

The campaign is ongoing and we would definitely continue to feature anyone, who stood out some way – either by contributing with his/her knowledge to the SiteGround community or by spreading the word about what s/he likes about us, or by helping us improve the service with valuable feedback.

Lilyana Yakimova
Marketing Manager

Lilyana Yakimova

Product Owners Team Lead

I have been with SiteGround since it was born and it has always amazed me to watch this company grow and develop its unique personality.

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