SpamExperts expands its client base by adding SiteGround to it

SpamExperts, a leading provider of email security solutions for web hosts, recently announced its partnership with SiteGround, an experienced shared hosting provider with more than a thousand USA located servers under its management. SiteGround now applies both the inbound and outbound SpamExperts filters to the email activity of all its shared hosting customers.

The reason SiteGround initially considered SpamExperts’ services was that the company had experienced occasional blacklisting of its shared server IPs due to spam. Spam mail sent from a shared servers is a very common issue, usually due to the fact that individual accounts fail to keep their software up-to-date and get hacked by spam senders. Although SiteGround has developed an automated system that reacts to such events and stops the actual sending in less than a minute, the company still believed there was room for further improvement and claims to have found it in the SpamExperts solution.

As Tenko Nikolov explains: “We have been dealing with the problem for many years and had achieved some really good results in minimizing the impact of such hackers attacks, but we were still striving for perfection… Then we met SpamExperts. We tested their solution for several months and it showed great results stopping the outgoing SPAM and preventing our IPs from being blacklisted in more than 95% of the test situations.”

Nils Decker, CMO of SpamExperts further elaborates: “We are extremely proud to have added SiteGround to our list of clients. What was very exciting for me in this case is that although the outbound SPAM was the issue SiteGround was initially trying to solve, after seeing SpamExperts in action they actually chose to use our inbound filter too and to provide its protection to all their customers mailboxes.”

For SiteGround, this cooperation resulted in higher reputation of their IP ranges, significantly less time spent on support, and increased customer satisfaction. More than 250,000 domain hosted by SiteGround can now enjoy email the way it was meant to be – spam free. SpamExperts could prove once again that their fully scalable model fits large environments as good as it fits smaller ones and that combining in- and outbound filtering, in many cases makes most sense to ensure optimal filtering quality.

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Hristo Pandjarov

Product Innovation Director

Enthusiastic about all Open Source applications you can think of, but mostly about WordPress. Add a pinch of love for web design, new technologies, search engine optimisation and you are pretty much there!

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Jeff Meier

Sep 02, 2013

I am a huge fan of SpamExperts on SiteGround. This software dramatically reduces spam to a trickle.

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Eric Thomson

Sep 05, 2014

I have 3 active email accounts associated with my domain, registered at siteground, and setup with the provided spamexperts. Two of my accounts, almost never get any spam; but the third is plagued by a couple of them that hit several times a day. The most dangerous one often is flagged as Virus and is caught by my Avast virus protection. it always has the subject "my new photo ;)" but a different Sender every time. SpamExperts always marks them Whitelisted and sends them right through. I loaded about a dozen of them as eml files into the Report Spam page. So last night, I turned on SpamAssassin to see if it could help. Well, SpamExperts shows 10 of these came through today; but SpamAssassin prevented all of them from making it into my InBox. So, I recommend using BOTH tools! Live Spam Free.


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