SiteGround’s Experience at Affiliate Summit West 2015


The Affiliate Summit West was the second Affiliate Summit where SiteGround exhibited and the first event I ever attended as an Affiliate Manager at SiteGround. It is really the biggest conference on affiliate marketing, gathering more than 6000 online marketers in Las Vegas for 3 days of education, networking, and a lot of fun.

As a first timer, and having heard the feedback from my colleagues from previous years, I was quite nervous and curious how we will navigate through that huge amount of people to meet our objectives – make meaningful new connections and reinforce our existing ones.

We gave away free tickets to help our existing affiliates learn and grow their businesses

We believe that the relationship we have with our existing affiliates is our top priority and their success is also our success. That is why we decided to give away free tickets to three of our affiliates who were most passionate about attending the event. Our lucky winners were our two travel bloggers Will Tang and Kerwin McKenzie, and Scott Buehler who runs review websites. Will, Kerwin and Scott, it was really great to meet you in person, hear your stories and help you with your promo efforts! We do hope that the ideas we’ve discussed with you will help you take your affiliate projects to the next level. I can’t help but share Scott’s deep and personal Affiliate Summit Story. We are extremely happy to learn that the event had such a big impact on him and we are glad that we were a small part of it.

We collected feedback and exchanged ideas about our Affiliate Program with a few super-affiliates

When you have 6000 people in one place, it’s hard to have a valuable business conversation. That is why, to escape the busy Affiliate Summit Meet Market and Expo Floor, and ensure we have the opportunity for some really meaningful (and extremely enjoyable) talks, we invited our ticket winners, our top-performing affiliates, and long-time SiteGround partners and friends to a private dinner. Fantastic conversations and new ideas for improvements of our program were born out of those conversations. We highly appreciate the feedback and we are excited to start implementing those new ideas real soon! Here goes a big shout out to Oscar Gonzalez, Zac Johnson, John Chow, John Rampton, Murray Newlands, Syed Balkhi, and the other guests: thank you for joining us and trusting us to be your preferred host!

And here’s a tip for all our affiliates: if you want to improve your promotional methods and increase your earnings, the guys I mentioned above are the affiliate super-stars you should definitely learn from.

We had a booth where we made lots of new and valuable connections

This year, we had both a Meet Market table and an expo booth where merchants like us get a great opportunity to speak to potential affiliates. Let me tell you this – all three days of exhibiting were so busy that even till the last minutes of the final day of the summit we were having interesting conversations with bloggers and potential partners. It’s hard to describe the craziness on the Expo floor, so you may check John Chow’s traditional expo floor tour and get the feeling of what it is like to be part of the summit.

A Big thank you to the organizers!

If you still can’t tell it, Affiliate Summit West was a fantastic experience for us and we’d like to personally say a huge thanks to the organizers Missy Ward and Shawn Collins who have done such an incredible job bringing to life an event from this size. Keep up the great work!

Meet us at Affiliate Summit East

We are committed to continue the tradition and give more of our affiliates the opportunity to experience Affiliate Summit and meet us in person! We are definitely planning to go to Affiliate Summit East in August, so stay tuned for some free ticket giveaways and make sure you read our affiliate newsletter! I’ll be more than happy to meet you in New York!

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Raya Stoilova

Affiliate Manager until 2022

Raya is an Affiliate Manager at SiteGround with a pinch for project management as well. If you need advice on how to be a better affiliate, she’s your person. She’s got great passion for photography, music and traveling. An interesting fact is that she’s both a cat and a dog person.

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Feb 02, 2015

Wow. Great event!

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Oscar Gonzalez

Feb 03, 2015

I had a great time meeting with you guys and thank you again for making Affiliate Summit another successful event for everyone involved. Thank you for your support, your awesome product, great program and for being great a great host (in every sense of the word).

author avatar

Raya Stoilova Siteground Team

Feb 04, 2015

Thanks, Oscar! We had an awesome time as well :)


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