SiteGround supports more than 500 popular applications

SiteGround Web Hosting company recently announced that the number of officially supported applications on its shared servers has surpassed 500. That became possible due to significant investments in innovative system architecture and server optimization.

One of the main SiteGround's objectives over the years has been to provide a unique shared hosting environment where customers have the freedom to use any script they like without affecting the other customers on the same machine. The company has carried out lots of research, testing and development to find the optimal server tunings that could support such a large number of applications.

"Supporting such a number of different technologies is not easy at all and requires serious research and development and system architecture work. But thanks to the constant efforts and great expertise of our R&D and Sys Admin teams, we have managed to optimize our servers in such a way that they all applications can work smoothly in the same environment", says Marian Marinov, System Architect at SiteGround.

SiteGround is already well known for providing excellent hosting environment for the most popular open source applications like Joomla, Mambo, phpBB, osCommerce, WordPress and many more. The company hasn't stopped there and is constantly expanding the list of supported technologies. The latest scripts added to that list are: Habari, FlatPress, MemHT, OpenCart, ProjectPier and PhpGedView. Besides the stable server environment ensured at SiteGround, the company also offers professional technical support and lots of free resources for the users.

Hosting more than 500 applications has once again proved that SiteGround is one of the leaders on the web hosting market providing advanced technology, reliable service, and professional support.

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