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SiteGround SuperCacher

In 2012 we started the SiteGround How Cool Is That challenge to help our clients learn about the cool technologies that only we provide. Every week of the challenge we posted a new infographic explaining one of our unique features. In the final stage of the competition, our clients were invited to vote for the coolest technology by sharing their feedback in a comment. Our unique caching technology was chosen as first runner-up with only 3 votes behind the winner. Read the comments to see the feedback from the clients who voted for it or check a short infographic on how it works.

Dima Peteva: A wearer of all possible hats, a project manager by title, a creative enthusiast at heart. Loves all-things Internet, checks Twitter first thing in the morning as an early dose of inspiration then tries to put it all into work throughout the day.

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  • I was talking yesterday with a friend about all of these features that the customers don't see, often you don't know that they are, but when lagging, lost or hacked, you really regret not having.

    I'm about to make in a few days, a simple test of supercatcher and it's results.

  • I found siteground as "THE BEST". The rates are quite cheap as compared to other hosting companies. The services are great and I found superman or batman bit slow than the response time of Customer care/technical people. I recommend Site Ground to all of my friends and even to the people who seeks advice about web hosting companies.

  • security is extremely important to me.. one host I had in the past had a security risk that affected all their accounts on one of their hard drives. it affected my account amongst all 500 of my domains for almost a whole week, which seemed like an eternity!

    I've been reviewing all of your services and I really like your price point on your hosting plans.. I will definitely bring up your services at my next committee meeting to use your service instead of our current host. ~cheers! :)

  • I just enabled StaticCache, and I am not sure yet about the other two options, but great to have this support to help my site load faster as it continues to get more traffic.

  • Just like a postage stamp sticks to an envelope...so i did ever since i signed up.I moved all my site to siteground in 2009.I had tried 3 hosting companies before then.So I got my reseller account here and i went to bed with my 2 eyes closed.no worries.Excellent customer support and techy guys.

  • I don't really know much about supercacher but I know SiteGround for almost 4 years now. When I saw the banner, I was very excited to try because I know siteground service is easy to setup ! Supercacher improved my site and I love the feeling of getting the best for my company. I am Happy!