sg-designsDuring the last few months we have been working on an epic production, which will soon be released. The world premiere of our new website design will heat up the summer season. And this time it is not about impressing the audience with visual effects only. This time our website will tell a great story. The story is about how we do things that others never considered possible, and how we create a new and better shared hosting world for your website.

The Plot:

SiteGround's hand-made philosophy rules over the bad-ass mass production principles that plague the hosting industry!

Our new website design is based on the true story of how we rebelled against the way things are done in the shared hosting industry. In a world where the principles of mass production dominate and every provider is limited by the inherent restrictions of the ready-made solutions, we chose to apply the philosophy of the old-school craftsmen and started creating unique solutions with our own hands. That is how we came up with a unique security environment, that other web hosting companies did not even consider possible, unique speed optimizations, currently available only on our servers, and a unique support team who help faster and better than any other.

The Cast:

Your Very own Website

Your Оwn Website

The most precious thing that should be rescued and brought to a better world

SiteGround Servers

SiteGround Servers

The magic gear we use in the battle for a better hosting world

SiteGround Support

SiteGround Support

The super special someone you can always call when you need help

A series of special video trailers will be aired soon in the social media! Watch out for them and for our great launch games over the next few weeks! You may be the first to get hold of a t-shirt, sweatshirt or even a pair of Converse sneakers with our new logo!