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sg-designsDuring the last few months we have been working on an epic production, which will soon be released. The world premiere of our new website design will heat up the summer season. And this time it is not about impressing the audience with visual effects only. This time our website will tell a great story. The story is about how we do things that others never considered possible, and how we create a new and better shared hosting world for your website.

The Plot:

SiteGround's hand-made philosophy rules over the bad-ass mass production principles that plague the hosting industry!

Our new website design is based on the true story of how we rebelled against the way things are done in the shared hosting industry. In a world where the principles of mass production dominate and every provider is limited by the inherent restrictions of the ready-made solutions, we chose to apply the philosophy of the old-school craftsmen and started creating unique solutions with our own hands. That is how we came up with a unique security environment, that other web hosting companies did not even consider possible, unique speed optimizations, currently available only on our servers, and a unique support team who help faster and better than any other.

The Cast:

Your Very own Website

Your Оwn Website

The most precious thing that should be rescued and brought to a better world

SiteGround Servers

SiteGround Servers

The magic gear we use in the battle for a better hosting world

SiteGround Support

SiteGround Support

The super special someone you can always call when you need help

A series of special video trailers will be aired soon in the social media! Watch out for them and for our great launch games over the next few weeks! You may be the first to get hold of a t-shirt, sweatshirt or even a pair of Converse sneakers with our new logo!

Marketing Director

I have been with SiteGround since it was born and it has always amazed me to watch this company grow and develop its unique personality. My rewarding and challenging job is to help SiteGround communicate its strengths in the best way possible, learn from its mistakes and become a better person, oops, I meant a better brand!


  1. Reply June 6, 2013 / 09:37 José CarlosSiteGround Team

    Sois geniales !!!!!

  2. Reply June 19, 2013 / 11:08 alexSiteGround Team

    prefer the old logo 🙁

    • Reply October 22, 2013 / 18:18 John HSiteGround Team

      Me too.

  3. Reply June 19, 2013 / 13:21 BrucetonSiteGround Team

    I have to say - that new logo is ugly.
    I mean it definitely needed an update - but that font for the main siteground text looks really unprofessional and amateur. And like you engage more in buffoonery than web hosting!

  4. Reply June 19, 2013 / 14:48 Eco Friendly SheltersSiteGround Team

    Change is a good thing! Re-fresh your image and brand, re-position your services to adjust to ever-changing business environment.
    We see new logo fun and friendly. We like it. Not some "corporate-looking" stamp. Good for Siteground!
    After years of horrendous experience at Godaddy we have been fortunate to discover SG and have been impressed with truly "hand-made" services they offer. Easy-to-reach LIVE people including chat options, custom and reasonable pricing, prompt service response have created additional value-added features and benefits.

    We salute "new" SG!

  5. Reply June 19, 2013 / 15:47 FrankSiteGround Team

    Change is a good thing when it is good. New logo looks amateur. 'Handmade'. What? Dear oh dear. Siteground you're professional and trustworthy. Why get a logo and slogan that makes you look anything but?

  6. Reply June 19, 2013 / 18:32 sofSiteGround Team

    agreed. Logo looks less reassuring. And handmade for a web server is very worrying. Sounds like there could be some hunman mistakes... we want robots for these kinds of things! (maybe some in the team have dreamed to be craft makers artists...)

  7. Reply June 19, 2013 / 21:45 miqSiteGround Team

    do not change logo, old one is superb.

  8. Reply June 19, 2013 / 22:33 Richard PearceSiteGround Team

    I think the new logo is a little unusual, but not terrible. What concerns me is the tagline. "The Handmade Web Hosting" doesn't read well or make sense. "The" needs to be removed which I appreciate messes up the logo design. However if I read that, my first impression would be that the organisation was not professional.

  9. Reply June 20, 2013 / 03:35 Kevin ParkerSiteGround Team

    I love the concept but I'm not too sure about the term "handmade". Especially as it relates to technology. This however is your unique selling point it that you are the best at providing a tailored service for each customer. I have used several web hosts over the past 10 years (siteground for 6 years) and I have had about 30 websites (about 15 with siteground). The customer service is super fast but the main unique feature is the security. All my other hosts got hacked but this has never happened with siteground. The others blamed my web software such as joomla but I had exactly the same software on siteground. I also use the siteground tutorials all the time. Good luck with the launch.

  10. Reply June 20, 2013 / 07:56 LilySiteGround Team

    Thank you all for your valuable feedback! I am happy that you shared your thoughts, since that helps a lot to clear some of the details and communicate our message better before the new site is officially launched.

    The most important thing we understood is that we have underestimated the double connotation of the word “handmade”. While many people perceive it in a positive way, as something crafted with attention and love and opposed to non-personal, mass-production corporate style, there are still a lot of others that do not see it as a symbol of something superior. Having seen that, we would like to ask you to assist us in choosing the right new tagline. Our team has come up with several options, including the current working title with the word Handmade in it, and you can help us by voting for the one that best communicates the handmade philosophy and its true merit on our FaceBook page:

    I am also happy to see that both the positive and the negative comments have one thing in common: the new logo does strike you all as being nontraditional, a reaction we were hoping to provoke. It does tell that we are NOT a standard, robotized and distant technological company – something that our customers often point out as being among our strongest qualities.

  11. Reply June 21, 2013 / 08:02 Nick GratsounisSiteGround Team

    I agree to any changes towards a human centered collaboration between silicon and human brain. Do you know what worried me about? communicating with my customers, like a digital freak.
    Thank you 'past SiteGround', you lead!

  12. Reply August 24, 2013 / 09:50 niceSiteGround Team



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