SiteGround releases in-house developed Joomla! extensions

SiteGround, known as one of the top web hosting providers for Joomla users, now adds free extensions to its Joomla services portfolio. For the last few years along with its hosting services, the company has been providing free Joomla templates and tutorials. Now, it goes one step further by developing its own Joomla modules and plugins. The six recently added extensions, as well as all other additional Joomla services offered by SiteGround, are freely available to all visitors of the company website.

The Joomla extensions, released by the company, are designed to improve different important aspects of the performance of a Joomla website. “We have researched the most common Joomla-related questions and issues our customers have and designed a set of extensions we believe will be most useful.” says Val Markov, SiteGround Senior Technical Support Executive and one of the major creators of the Joomla extensions, “Our aim is to give Joomla users everything they need in one place – hosting, installation, templates, tutorials and now extensions.”

The unquestionable bestseller is jHackGuard plugin, which the company claims to have been using successfully for years to protect its hosting customers’ Joomlas from hacking attacks. Another useful module is jShareEasy, which adds good-looking sharing icons that allow the visitors of a Joomla website to share content they found interesting on the social media. The full list of modules with detailed description of their functionality is available on the website:

Exclusively for the new Joomla extensions, SiteGround has opened a special section in its forum to answer extensions-related questions and receive users’ feedback. The forum thread can be found at this link:

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