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We stated that our blog will be about life behind the scenes. And life behind the scenes is not only SiteGround employees, procedures, and customer service policies. It is also about our partners. In this first episode of “SiteGround Partners” series, I am pleased to say Hello to Dan Ushman from SingleHop. He agreed to answer my questions in an email interview for you. See what Dan & Singlehop have to say about their experience with us.


Tina: Tell me how long SingleHop has been doing business with SiteGround and what are the services you provide us with?

Dan: SiteGround and SingleHop joined forces in the middle of 2008 to offer dedicated servers to customers whose websites have outgrown their shared hosting accounts. SingleHop provides infrastructure and automation services while SiteGround focuses on sales, marketing and customer service. SiteGround has thrived due to their unrelenting commitment to its customers needs (both technical, and ease-of-use.) So, overall the relationship is truly unique because it is more than just a business relationship, our partnership has powerful synergies that produce some of the industry’s best technical innovations and customer experiences.

Tina: How long have you personally been in the web hosting business?

Dan: I have been in the business for just shy of 7 interesting years. I think during that time, the industry has changed so much that it’s basically unrecognizable when compared to what it was 7 years ago.


Tina: How about your experience with SiteGround? Any interesting stories?

Dan: My most personal memory of SiteGround is when Zak and I visited SG’s office. When we first walked in, we were greeted with what can only be described as a truly warm welcome. It was great putting names to faces and shaking everybody’s hand.

Tina: How has our partnership helped your company succeed?

Dan: We’ve learned a great deal from SiteGround’s desire to consistently innovate and improve their customers’ experience. That said, I believe that there are many benefits from our relationship, and probably too many to list here 🙂

Tina: Do you have any recommendations for making our relationships stronger?

Dan: SiteGround is an experienced provider with a talented and devoted team. SingleHop is a technical innovator focused on both satisfaction of end users and technical automation. Together, SingleHop and SiteGround form a unique synergistic partnership, built on a foundation of cooperation and mutual understanding. My recommendation to build a stronger relationship would be integrating our respective technologies further to create a more streamlined service.  At SingleHop we know the value of automation, from a reduction in human error to faster provisioning and better overall service. We are very eager to build on both SiteGround and SingleHop’s automation technologies to offer the end-users more control over their servers and solutions. Be it booting into Server Bailout System for troubleshooting, or receiving up-to-the-minute bandwidth and resource utilization information and so on, through tighter integration we can offer SiteGround’s dedicated customers a truly exceptional, mature product, designed for both advanced and novice users.

Tina: Your view for the web hosting business development in the next couple of years?

Dan: The technology of web hosting evolves so will the business side of web hosting. The industry has been maturing at a rapid pace and has become more of a cooperating community, at the same time there will be more consolidation and smaller players will be purchased by larger players. This will eventually result in there being fewer, larger providers. This will put a great deal of pressure in terms of customer service, quality of service and technical innovation. SiteGround has been wisely focused on providing the highest quality service to their customers, and this is one of the many reasons that SiteGround has been so successful.

As far as technical innovation, the industry as a whole will continue to expand and innovate. At the same time, consumers will demand more and more control over their systems. This goes hand-in-hand with technical innovation because the technology to empower customers is evolving at a very rapid pace.

When the industry first started, there were no control panels. There was no such thing as IP KVM. There was no such thing as a Server Bailout System, which enables a remote administrator to boot their server into a special rescue environment even when not physically present. These technologies will drive the industry. Companies who focus on innovation and customer service will succeed while others who do not innovate, will eventually fade into the background. This is one of the great things about the SingleHop-SiteGround partnership: both organizations are obsessed with customer service and technical innovation.

Thank you, Dan!

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