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SiteGround web hosting company announced the launch of a special promotion: hosting package including a free SSL certificate. The company aims to increase the number of users who protect sensitive data transfer over the web with the help of an SSL encryption.

SiteGround, one of the largest providers of shared hosting services, launched a special promotion where the SSL certificate plus a dedicated IP address come free of charge for the first year. The company says security has always been its top priority and that is why it now gives away free SSL certificates, so that webmasters hosted on SiteGround servers will be able to provide safer data transfer over the web for their website users. The company has also included a dedicated IP address in the promotional hosting package, which is a big plus when it comes to search engine optimization and also ensures better connectivity for the website.

“The SSL certificate is a must in online payment transactions. But it secures data transfer on many other levels as well. Web users are getting quite paranoid about the privacy of their personal information – every login form they fill in, every newsletter they sign up for, every piece of data they enter anywhere on the web – they want to know that the personal details they submit will not be stolen and misused. And we provide to our customers a cost-free solution to this issue – a free SSL certificate which allows them to provide to their website users the assurance that any personal information they submit on their websites remains private. The SSL padlock in the browser makes a website much more trustworthy in the eyes of the users”, says Nikolay Todorov from SiteGround.

About the promotion:

SiteGround shared hosting package costs less than $50/year and contains all standard hosting features. A free domain name registration is also included. The company promotes its hosting services as suitable for small business and company websites. During the time of the promotion, a free SSL certificate plus a dedicated IP address worth $82.00 will be added to the package at no additional cost.

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